Flashback: 3 Lessons Roaming Ridin-Hy Ranch

2009. Family friend, Sibby, and I donning our cowboy hats for a day on the ranch.

Watching the fog roll over the lake, sipping on a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Take me back to the Adirondacks when I was thirteen years old. Those early mornings at Ridin-Hy Ranch were a favorite part of my summer breaks. Secluded in the hills not far from Lake George, we kids, had the freedom to roam. Up before the grown-ups, to grab savory coffee cake, and hot chocolate from the lodge, before venturing out on the lake in kayaks and paddle boats.

I have fond memories of those days we spent living in a Cabin, riding horses, exploring, and pretending to be cowboys. We spent from dawn till dusk outside: water skiing, archery, bonfires; you name it. Those were the days.

Here’s a few things I hope to regain from my youth at that ranch:

  1. Don’t shy away from new experiences. We attempted many new things at that ranch. It’s where my brothers and I learned to water ski, we attempted fishing (not my thing and none of us we patient enough at thirteen and younger to catch anything,) bingo terms, card games, and we eventually even learned to ride a galloping horse. We didn’t shy away from a chance to try something new.
  2. Disconnect. We didn’t have iPhones and we weren’t allowed to use our GameBoys at the Ranch. We were forced to spend our time outside, active and doing things that didn’t require Internet. I loved that. I still love that, but I spend so much time staring at a computer screen now days.
  3. Never inhibit your imagination. We were the hardiest cowboys for miles at that ranch. We were also pirates, plundering and pillaging, as we rowed a boat out into the lake. We were able to be anyone or do anything so long as we could imagine.

Bonus fun: One year we watched ranch cowboy, Rex, bull-ride at a real rodeo. It was an experience I’ll never forget.


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