Become a Stranger in Your Own Town


At lot of times we get this idea that travel and adventure have to be somewhere away from home. However, one of the best places to start your adventurous lifestyle is right in your own town or city. You never know what you might find.

The Vagabrothers, Marko and Alex Ayling, have shared some tips/stories about their explorations in their backyard. The Vagabrothers are brothers, vagabonds, and bloggers from San Diego, California trying to discover the world. Last year they won MyDestination‘s Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition, which paid for them to travel the world for 6 months while making videos and checking off their travel bucket list.

Do Some Research

So you may not know what to do or where to go to have a fun adventure in your town. Start with a little research of what to do in your area. You might stumble upon some fun things you’ve never heard of before. The Vagabrother’s suggest using Instagram and YouTube for inspiration. Find some travel filmmakers watch their videos and follow their Instagrams, they may end up posting something that looks interesting for you to try.

Read… A Lot 

Get off line and pick up a magazine, travel book, or newspaper. It might sounds old school, but many paper’s have lists of events going on around the area and books and magazines might lead you to something you never would have searched for online. Marko and Alex try to spend an hour everyday reading anything from National Geographic, Outdoors, to other magazines and travel books.

Find something that interests you

San Diego, Calif. is well known for it’s beaches, but the Vagabrothers have started riding motorcycles in the eastern mountainous areas of San Diego County. It’s been “such a cool and eye opening way to explore our own backyard.” They will also be trying to get out to do some camping over the winter. Check out their blog and YouTube channel for more.

The Vagabrothers also enjoy exploring new craft breweries and finding great new restaurants. They try to go to a new neighborhood and do something different every weekend.

You Never Know What You’ll Discover

“The coolest moment exploring our city was when Marko and I and our buddy Drew went kayaking at Sunset Cliffs and found old smuggler’s caves from the prohibition era complete with stairs carved into the Rock only accessible at high tide. Very cool!”

Best Advice: Just Get Out There

“Don’t be complacent, your city has plenty of new things for you to experience you just need to break out of your routine and try something new. Don’t wait, your adventure could start now.” – Vagabrothers


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