Experience the Jamaican Waterfalls, Mon


The third largest island in the Caribbean, birthplace of reggae, and home to abundant natural beauty. Jamaica’s numerous rivers and waterfalls offer a variety of different adventures for the adrenaline junkie to tranquil traveler.

Jamaica’s vast limestone allows for countless waterfalls that you can play in and/or climb.  Dunns River Falls and YS Falls are two of the more touristy waterfalls. Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios is by far Jamaica’s most visited falls. Known as the “Niagara of Jamaica,” the Dunns River Falls has thousands of visitors that come from around the world to climb the 600 feet of limestone. If you’re not up to the climb you can also explore the vast vegetation that surrounds the falls.

YS Falls resides in the foothills of St. Elizabeth. One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Jamaica offers travelers the opportunity to experience a spectacular cascading, 7-tier waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by a wide variety of plants and wildlife through which you can zip-line, take river tube rides, and even relax in the underground and above ground springs. The YS Falls are guaranteed to give you an amazing experience.

Discovery Falls are a great place to experience the local culture of rural villages and see the beauty of the Jamaican countryside. With over 1000 ft of zip-lines through the canopy of trees, you’ll be strapped in for an amazing ride 40 feet above the ground. You can also choose to sit amongst the almond trees, walk the beautiful paths along the mountainside or relax in the mineral springs underneath the waterfalls.

After you’re day of exploration make sure to take some time to support the local shops and artisans. Explore the wildlife, support the local economy and experience Jamaica.


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