4 Epic Kayaking Adventures


Kayaking. It’s a great workout, fun adventure, and gives you a different perspective of the world. You can do it during the day or at night anywhere from the Gulf of Mexico to Pacific Ocean.

Gulf of Mexico

A great place to go kayaking are the mangroves in Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. The mangroves are a mix of trees and other plants that grow in the water creating really cool tunnels for you to explore. They offer the ability to see a variety of wildlife and experience Florida in a new way.

Atlantic Ocean

Kayak on great rolling waves on the Atlantic Ocean in Jamaica. The waves provide an amazing new perspective of the island. There are also several places where you can go kayak under waterfalls on the edges of the island.

Pacific Ocean

Located only 20 minutes from downtown San Diego is one of the best places to kayak on the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla, Calif. is a surfing hot spot, but also an amazing place to explore by kayak. La Jolla Kayak will take you through the seven caves, six of which can only be accessed by kayak.

Night Kayaking

The coolest kayaking experience is night kayaking. Cape Canaveral on the space coast of Florida is home to a memorable kayaking experience. Take a night kayaking trip to see bioluminescence light up the water. Bioluminescence is the emission of light from living organisms, so when you stir up the water with your paddle the organisms in the water release a chemical that causes them to emit a light. Experience the bioluminescence and see the water light up as you paddle. But beware of jumping fish!

Kayaking is great opportunity for new adventures and new places for you to travel. Go get out there and start your own kayaking adventure.


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