Las Vegas: Underage


Welcome to the Sin City. Home of strip clubs, casinos, and a night life unlike any other. Las Vegas is the “Disney World” for adults. However, you can still have a fun time even if you’re underage.

Explore the Strip

The Las Vegas strip is 4.1 miles from the Wynn to the Luxor. If you’re underage in Vegas you can’t play in the casinos or drink in the bars, but you can still explore. Every casino has a different smell and experience that goes along with it. In one day you can go from the Canals of Venice in the Venetian to the Swashbuckling Pirates of Treasure Island to the Gladiators in Caesars Palace.

Venture into Nature

At 8am in the morning, meet the limo driver and head to the airport. Once at the airport check in and watch a brief safety video. A little while later board a red helicopter. Grand Canyon Helicopters offers a variety of tours to the Grand Canyon including one that lands in the Canyon. The great canyon is a breathtaking site. The helicopters look like little specs compared to the vast chasm.

IMG_1888 IMG_1861 IMG_1857

No pictures can capture how incredible and huge the Grand Canyon is.

Comedians, Magicians, and Acrobats.

One of the best things in Underage Vegas are the shows you can see anything from hypnotists to dancers to comedians.

If you’re a Cirque du Soleil junkie Las Vegas is paradise. Vegas is home to eight permanent Cirque du Soleil shows including Mystère and Love. Mystère is a phenomenal show complete with clowns, high flying acrobats, and amazing feats of strength and flexibility. Love takes you back into the 60s with a sensational tribute to the Beatles.

So if you are ever in search of a new experience take a trip to Vegas. Wander the strip, tour the Grand Canyon, see some shows. You won’t be disappointed. There is nowhere else on Earth that could quite compare to what is Las Vegas, Nevada.


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